WIldchild Collab - Behind The Scenes - Any Which Way Is Up

New collab on the way ! Thanks to WildChild for getting me up on this feature. Banging new track in the pipes. Stay tuned. I'm gonna emerge in the video too. Universal, digital connection South meets West. Funk!!!

Behind the scenes footage of WildChild's music video "Any Which Way Is Up" the first single off his anticipated album "TGIF(Thank God It's Funky).  Directed by Sinuous for DustPrint Films. 

year 3000!

welcome to space

new space

new clean

new open

new doors to new and old

Welcome to the new adventures on lidellian maps as yet uncharted

Compass in hand and the high seas of internet noise crashing from the bow

Let's surf this thing into the year 3000!